Friday, November 11, 2011

How to Reject The Wrong People, Quickly

Noah Kagan (@noahkagan, #3 Mint, #30 Facebook, Founder AppSumo) shows you how reject 90% of the people that apply for a job without ever talking to them in AppSumo Hiring Secrets.

The video is only 25 minutes but worth it. Noah walks through the process of hiring a personal assistant, going from over a thousand applications to only calling two people. This allows him to focus on running his business instead of reading resumes in Microsoft Word.

His system is based on the idea that a person that works hard on the job application and interview will also work hard on the job itself. Noah says that if I ask for a Skype number and you don't have one, just go create one, be proactive.

The AppSumo Hiring Secrets system is the employer's version of Ramit Sethi's Briefcase Technique.

If you get the video by next November 19th, 2011 it will only cost you $49. If you don't get it, it will cost you time reading resumes with bold buzzwords and talking to people who shouldn't be working for you.

Get the AppSumo Hiring Secrets by clicking here.

P.S. Check out the introduction video on YouTube below.